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Universal Flowers (Jizainohana)

I have been familiar with painting and design since childhood. I encountered ceramics during that time, and now I mainly focus on three-dimensional objects and two-dimensional works with abstract paintings. I use the material of ceramics because I'm trying to express "invisible" things such as inner, emotional and spiritual things that spring in me. Therefore, I am strongly attracted to the spirituality of the material of clay, which has been incorporated into life and faith as tools and ritual articles for magic since the primitive times, and the mystery of changing clay and glaze to different substances by firing.

Also, in my creation process, I pictorially paint a single view of the world on a planar ceramic panel or mural with glaze. After that, I create a three-dimensional work with the image that the elements and motifs are coming out of the planar surface and they are freely popping out of that world into reality. It is exactly influenced by the culture of the Rinpa school (one of the major historical schools of Japanese painting) during Japan's decorative period, and its glossy colors and natural designs are replaced in our time, and it is an expression that combines expressionism with the modern Rinpa school that arises from the dialogue with the times.

From the beginning, the title of the production is the message "Universal Flowers (Jizainohana)". The intention is to put a wedge in one's unstable and unreliable sentiment, which sways in the diverse values of our times. It is not a division or a weight but a connection between the self who is swept away by the values of others and the self who wants to be like this, with the thought that "I can be myself as is. Just let my own flowers bloom". In recent years, the "Event Horizon," "COSMIC," and "Grand Bouquet" series that connect oneself with others and recognize various values have been produced.



Phoenix (Hinotori)

Phoenix, firebirds - Japanese people have seen auspicious birds in the sky since ancient times. It is a symbol of "harmony, peace and prosperity." Then, they thought about the glossy and beautiful appearance and wished that its power would rub off on them. There is suffering and joy in the universal human activities just like old times. Now, I pray that the Covid-19 will be vanquished.



The concept of the multiverse is fascinating to us. I even feel relieved that there are multiple universes and there is not one. We also exist indefinitely, not just one. Each person has a concept, and each person is exactly the universe. It may be small, subtle and faint.
However, by acknowledging each universe, it becomes an irreplaceable universe.

事象の地平線(Event Horizon)

Event Horizon

You have something I don't know about.
Your 99% mystery.
I have something you don't know about.
My 99% mystery.
I want to know you thoroughly, but once I know you thoroughly, I won't be able to get out of it even with the speed of light.
I try to approach you as much as possible and solve your mystery, but with that alone something begins to circulate at the speed of light and shines like plasma.
Once I know you thoroughly.

The black hole shooting was successful in 2019. There was a bright ring in the image. The black holes have very strong gravity, and neither light nor radio waves can come out. The bright ring was a very hot gas around the black hole, moving around the black hole at the speed of light, and the intense friction between the substances caused it to reach an extremely high temperature and shine as plasma.
There is a relationship that we want to understand each other but cannot understand at all.
It's like a closed area of spacetime that we can't recognize and can't see even if we go to the infinite future.
I thought that the mysteries of the universe and our familiar relationships were similar. And I constructed this area by replacing it with a romantic world.
The days we spend struggling to understand each other will be transformed to shining material in the immediate vicinity of the event horizon, and to a ring of light flying in a nearly circular orbit and bordering the perimeter of the event horizon.

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